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Great-crested newt, Triturus cristatus
Roe deer
Leaf trees nursery
Natterjack toad

Habitat management and enhancement

A ‘natural’ extension to our Landscape Design and Landscaping services. We can offer practical solutions to help accommodate protected species within their rightful locality whether it is in your back garden or a new development.

  • We can help to reinstate and re-plant trees and hedgerows that will encourage the return of native species to areas that have seen neglect or overdevelopment or as part of new more ecologically conscious developments.
  • Source and install deer proofing to saplings and newly planted trees and shrubs
  • We can install amphibian fencing to prevent the movement of great crested newts and other other amphibians such as natterjack toads, into areas where they will potentially be at risk and will be compliant with a great crested Newt mitigation Plan after successful application of a Great Crested Newt Mitigation License.
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